TEXT TOPIC: Did you have long time family friends but then something happen

close friends w another family until my dad & their mom got too cozy. They didn't last too long after 2 marriages busted

my bff's and my family were inseparable. She came out as gay a few years ago and now her mom hates my family for supporting her

family friends for 15+,wife sent text talking shiz on my daughter & husband to my daughters phone on accident. Now our daughter is cutting all ties but they are our bf& attend all family events

my mom had an affair with the other family's dad. Both couples divorced.

used to be SUPER close, then found out the other family was spreading rumors about my family. Cut things off and actually happier now.

my dad had a best friend from Jr High, about 15 years. His family was like our family. I dated his nephew, we broke up, ruined their friendship.

My family and another family were best friends for 10-plus years and we did everything together including Church but we started to slow down in our church activity and they sped up and now they won''t have anything to do with us

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