What is really going on with the Bachelor in Paradise scandal?

We received a very interesting email from a listener this week. Read below: 

The reason I am emailing you is because the last couple pod cast you guys have been hitting on the bachelor in paradise and whatever is going on. Well either Dick Wolf the creator is Nostradomus or it just shows that anyone could see a mile away what was going to happen with a show where attractive fame starved people will do just about anything for their 15 minutes


This episode aired LAST YEAR and its literally exactly what seems to be happening.

In the episode no on felt bad for the girl cause she had basically signed over her rights to the show just like Jess said they don't have contact to the out side world but it turned out that the owners of the show spinned it so good and put it on someone else's head and they got even MORE viewers.. so that's probably what's going to go down.

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