TEXT TOPIC: What do you want to tell your spouse but you can't bring yours?

something I want to tell my husband but can’t is, in just not as much into his religion as he thinks, and if he keeps pushing religion on me, I’m ready to go.

I would say I hate our loveless marriage. I'm getting outside attention and loving it. I need you to step up and be the man I married.

my husband is always "outgrowing" his clothes. I don't have the heart to say he's getting pretty fat.

want to tell my wife that she needs to take care of herself down there. It's not the 1970's anymore. It's a pretty big turn off to see it

he needs to loose weight.

he is wanting to live beyond our means to impress other people and it's annoying

My bf likes to sleep naked. I would like him to shower before he gets in bed after he poops

would like to tell my wife that there is more people in the family besides her and the kids

cleaning his junk sufficiently

needs to whiten his teeth

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