TEXT TOPIC: Who is the cheapskate in your life?

I'm the cheapskate. I'll only go to restaurants if I have 2 for 1 coupons. I only buy off brand items at the store.

my dad is the cheap skate in the family. He's recently divorced after 30 years and started dating. He HAS TO have a coupon for dinner dates, won't buy

my father in law is so cheep that he won't use the air conditioner or his heater... drives me crazy going to his house

father in law is so cheap he keeps all the plastic silver ware and napkins from hotel stays.

my sister buys things for weddings, baptisms, church events, anything you have to dress nice for and leaves the tags on. Then after wearing it a while she returns it.

my mother-in-law''s a cheapskate in a way that she won''t buy fans in the summertime and she won’t turn on her air conditioner because it''s "too expensive" so the summers are literally brutal

my husband and I only buy one soda at restraunts and share. Free refills!

My wife and I will give each other birthday/anniversary gift cards at the store. We read them, appreciate them, and put them back.

My uncle used to swap the and addresses on letters,and then omit the stamp. When post office "returned to sender" ... mission accomplished.

my boyfriend is cheap, buys me jewelry at a costume jewelry store at the mall. But I still love him

my dad will take our RV to urban places when he and my mom travel so that he doesn''t have to pay for a hotel. Like, put it in a Walmart parking lot and stay the night. And the best part is that he''s a surgeon... so it''s not like he doesn''t have money for a hotel! Haha best man in my life, but goodnessI''m glad we didn''t have the RV when I lived at home so I didn''t have to sleep in a Walmart parking lot. #doctorfrugal

My brother is so cheap he bought his wedding cake at Costco. It was a clearance cake that said over the hill

My Bro won't do ANYTHING without a coupon, free or a "deal"!

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