TEXT TOPIC: What did you do when you were younger that you regret?

took all the curb pick up garage from around the circle & started a bonfire. I was a little punk!

use to wrap Saran Wrap from light poles across the road. Really funny. Until a motorcycle came up the street.

used to do the same thing with a dummy person on dimple Dell Drive. Hide up in tree and throw it in front of cars. Dark curvy road

used to hide on a neighbors roof and throw rocks onto Carson Wasatch blvd. to this day I still feel bad about it.

We didn''t like filling up water balloons. So we stayed in a corn field and used those to throw them at cars. Not sure if anyone got hurt but I knowcars got damaged. I feel bad

my son is 6''7". He had a saskwatch costume he would wear and he and his friends would go up in canyons. I was worried someone would swerve off road or he would get shot

Thumbnail Picture: unsplash.com

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