TEXT TOPIC: Are you a hoarder? Do you know one?

grandparents basement was full of stuff from top to bottom. There was one pathway in the basement. Took 4 months to get through it.

I have what I call "organized" hoarding. I am obsessed with keeping everything but it is all organized and I know exactly where everything is.

my in-laws house. 4,000+ square feet of crap. Old newspapers, dishes, door knobs.

My husband will save boxes. He has Amazon boxes staked in the office, half way to the ceiling. And I'm not allowed to recycle or throw them away.

have an unfinished bathroom and a bedroom jam packed with boxes of mainly books but there's lots of collectibles and my artwork

my teenyears I was really bad, I kept everything I could, magazines, ripped up paper, just everything. Then comma at 19 I threw away everything.

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