TEXT TOPIC: What would your life reality show be called?

my reality tv show would be called "damn that didn't go according to plan"

I'd call it truckin & f’in cause I drive truck lol

"always in sickness never in health" my life show title.

The real world. Struggling with marriage and finances

My reality show would be called The British Invasion. I am from Manchester and my life can be a little crazy/fun sometimes!

Juan and the Wine Chronicles

my reality show would be Life After Death used to be Living with an Addict.

Sleepless in Salt Lake , zombie mom , moms with attitude

my son says my show would be called The Crazy Rican I am from Puerto Rico so he says we're crazy Latinas in our family

"Who's your daddy?" My grand dad was a playah playah. Every few years someone appears saying we're related because of someone he fathered

lots of soccer and more soccer! My show would be called "balls in nets"

My TV show would be "the art of sucking"

the dysfunctional life of a federal prisoner's daughter

my reality show would be "two men and a confused lady"

my reality show would be called "Blondie vs. Murphy's law." Description-Everything that can go wrong, DOES... With a touch of clumsy.

Dance momma drama

worked in the medical field for 23 years, mine would have to be "you can't fix stupid"

mine would be "ginger snap" I'm a redhead mom of 5.

My reality show would be... "-The inner thoughts of a therapist."

family owns a mortuary so ours would be 'Mortuary Life'

I work in establishing paternity so my reality show would be called "who's your daddy?"

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