TEXT TOPIC: Are you jealous your bestie is spending time with someone else?

My sister hangs out with her sister in law more than me and I'm kind of jelly about it

My bestie always calls her other friends her best friends too and it drives me CRAZY! I don't see 14 years of friendship under their belts!

my friend and I have had multiple drunk, crying fights

lil sis & I r besties but wen she moved here 4 school she'd b like "who dat?!" Wen I hung out with my friends

the jealousy ended up ending a 10 year friendship...

my best friend of 14 years started hanging out with this girl kate I got super jealous because I hardly saw her she was always with Kate and posting

I'm the person hanging with other people. I can't stand her not supporting me going to school and being negative about everything

my former best friend is now best friends with my sister in law

saw my bff talking to a girl we both hated in high school on FB. They planned a day to hang out this weekend.

see best friend posting pics with others but when we hang nothing

my friend since 5th grade has become more my mom's friend then mine. And if I vent she sides with mom

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