11 Year Old Writes Rap About His Bully, Mac Lethal Performs It (Watch)

11 year old Thomas wrote to his favorite rapper Mac Lethal. He sent him a rap that he wrote about being bullied for the last two years.

Dear Mac Lethal,

You have been a big inspiration to me , and i think you prolly wont read this.. but if you ever do i have a request.. My best friend Thomas who grew up down the street from me… Well he used to be my best friend , now he hates me and hurts me whenever i see him. He has made my entire school not like me and they always make fun of how i walk and talk. I am nice to all of them but they are cruel to me except for my friend Jonas and Sarah and some girls who like me. I wrote a rap for him but Im shy. You are my favourite rapper and it would be an honour if you would sing this song to him in a video.

Mac performed the rap hoping the bully and others around the world would see it and “be better people.”

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