Girl Receives Graduation Letter From Her Grandmother Who Passed Away 14 Years Ago

Kayla Buckmaster just graduated and she received a card with a letter from her grandmother. She was 4 years old when her grandmother passed away but she thought ahead to the future and wrote a letter and included a $100 bill in a card for the day Kayla graduated.

“my gradnma died when i was 4, but before she passed she wrote me a graduation letter & left a gift. i just got to open it after 14 years”

Portions of the letter read:

Dear Kayla,

Dear beautiful redheaded granddaughter. You were our second granddaughter born to our youngest son. You were so much fun. You always amazed us with things you could do.

The rest of the letter is covered by a $100 bill

Preview photo: Flickr - GW Public Health