Pilot Refused To Takeoff Due To Passengers WiFi Name And Probably For Good Reason

Thomson Airlines

A Thomson Airlines pilot refused to fly a plane departing from Cancun, Mexico for the UK. He noticed that someone’s personal WiFi was named 'Jihadist Cell London 1'. After the attack in Manchester he wanted to be very cautious.

The crew asked passengers on the plane to try and figure out where the WiFi signal was coming from. They were unable to find the source so the police along with sniffer dogs boarded the plane which led to a two hour delay while they searched.

Nothing was discovered and none of the passengers confessed to using the WiFi name on their phones. The pilot decided to talk to the passengers and said, "Someone has something on their phone which had an extremely subversive title to it - Jihadists Cell London 1 - and obviously we have to take this kind of thing very, very seriously.”

 Still, no one came forward and the flight was cancelled and all of the passengers were sent to a hotel.

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Photo: Flickr - Steven Straiton