NUMEROLOGY: May 18, 2017

How To Find Your Life Path Number:

If you were born 4-3-1995 Break down the birthday numbers:



4 is the Life Path Number for that birthday.


The day will be auspicious for you. But, you will be aggressive. You will be happy to be with people who care for you and understand you. You should stay away from people who seem to be negative. Someone will motivate you today and this will enhance your confidence. You can talk about religion and related matters while conversing with friends. You will be happy to share your experiences with them. There will be sweetness and politeness in relationships.


oday you may plan to visit your relatives or spend time with your friends. Hanging out with friends or going for shopping will lighten your mood. You will feel energetic. Today, students may be confused about choosing a right course for themselves. You should consult your parents or some elder regarding this issue. This will make things easier for you. You will be easily able to find such a person. Choose a course according to your skills and talent. Don’t just choose one because of your friends.


You may face some confusion or be in a dilemma today. This doubts or confusions will be baseless. You may look for some new opportunities today. People in jobs might also search some new jobs. Businessmen may be interested in implementing some new policies or strategies. You will have to be concerned about your subordinates. You may plan to visit religious places. You should try and understand others’ feelings too. You may unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Rather than regretting this, later you should be careful about it.


Today, you will try to resolve some old issues. But, you won’t get much success with it. You may feel detached. You may even be tensed about shifting to a new house. You may even get into arguments with your colleagues at work. Hence, you should try to be calm today. You may invest your savings or buy a new insurance policy. If you are thinking about investing in the share market, you should be careful while doing so. You should gather all the information related to the market.


The day will give mixed results. You may be opposed by some people at work today. Some people might even plot against you. Keep a watch on the people around you. Take care of your important documents. Do not lose them. Do not reveal your plans till the right time comes. You are an intelligent person. But, sometimes luck does not favor you. Hence, you should pass such an inauspicious period using your intelligence and calmness. Do not miss out on new opportunities. Children might give some troubles.


Today you will not leave a chance to spread your knowledge to others. You will exaggerate whichever subject you speak on. You should try to behave yourself. Being emotional does not make your life easy. You have to behave yourself when you are a part of the society. Although you may feel restless, you should focus on your goals. Do not run away from your family responsibilities. Involve yourself in creative works. You may feel a bit insecure today. You should be patient even in bad situations. Music will lighten you and give you some peace.


The pace of life might feel to be slow today. You will not even feel like doing the day-to-day work. But, life goes on and you can’t run away from your responsibilities. You should be careful as there are some chances of an accident. You should set an example for your children so that they may approach you when they are facing some problems. Relatives may visit you at your place today. You may criticize people at work without even knowing anything about them. You will have to guide people in the right direction in order to increase productivity. You should motivate others rather than discouraging them.


You are the kind of person who has a single-minded approach toward things. You are not easily distracted from your point of view. This quality of yours can also act as a disadvantage sometimes. You may stick to your own point of view today. There may be a need to change a decision taken in the past. But, you will experience some mental pressure in doing so. A person should be serious in life. But, being serious all the time makes the environment around you to be dull and boring. Even family members may start avoiding you. Hence, you should be flexible and ease yourself a bit.


Although you are highly intelligent and energetic, you will always remain surrounded by one or the other problem. Today you are likely to take hasty decisions that can affect you negatively in the future. Imagination power may tend to rise today. It is advisable to control your habit of exaggerating small issues. By directing your energies towards productive things you will prove to be beneficial for yourself, as well as for others around you. You may feel superior to your subordinates because of your level of intelligence. But you need to understand that every person on this earth is special in his own way and is born with some or the other unique characteristics.

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