TEXT TOPIC: Who is the famous person in your family?

my little brother is the celebrity in my family. He's a pro baseball player

my aunt was miss Michigan in 1979. Have a picture of her with her sash holding me as a baby.

My cousin is Klea Blackhurst, she is a famous actress/singer on broadway in NYC.

Uncle is the Siegfried in Siegfried & Jensen

my lil bro. Tours/plays w/ of mice & men band & fills in w/ various of rock bands

my cousin considers herself a celeb because she was in a few toothpaste commercials & she never lets us forget it.

My grandpa's cousin was an actress and was married to Howard Hughes

My cousin's brother is Reb Brown. He is most famous for his role in Uncommon Valor

my cousin is 90s pop star Joy Enriquez

my cousin is Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde

Ringo star is my cousin

my aunt was on Ricky Lake for being one of the first to have bypass. My other aunt was on The Price Is Right

Brother is on Bitchin' Rides for 3 seasons filmed here in SLC and went to Hawaii for vacay and was surprised he has a following.

my dad is the local celeb. Disney movies, played Jesus in church films and is now a local representative

My aunt Mindy is a vocal coach. You guys have had her in studio. She coaches stars like Justin Timberlake and a lot of Broadway stars too! Love her.

my bro in law is a writer for a famous talk show host. Lives in NYC and hangs out with huge celebs on a daily! His name shows up in credits

My cousin is married to Janet Jackson's ex husband Rene Elizondo that she was married to secretly for 10 yrs.

On my dad's side of the family through his mother we are related to Don Knotts.

my uncle is Ken Jennings from jeopardy

related to Davy Crockett - great great gear great great uncle

my cousin is Roy schieder the actor from jaws

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