TEXT TOPIC: What topic do you get embarrassed about that your spouse talks about?

anything politics. He started carrying a hand gun on him at all times when he voted for trump. Lord help us!

my husband talks about a zombie apocalypse all the time! He tries to amazon and eBay those radioactive stupid suits from monsters inc... so embarrassing

my boyfriend talks about the merits of Donald Trump... Gross.

it's me! I talked about Chemtrails instead of contrails and how the government is polluting the air. I'm told I'm nuts

believe in supernatural things and my husband thinks I am a nut job. After all fairies and trolls live in the in between lol

my husband and the damn aliens!!!!

my fiance talks about how 9/11 was an inside job, and how the moon landing was faked. Oh and Amelia Earhart didn't crash she's just in hiding.

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