The Craziest Medical Codes You Never Knew Existed

Did you receive medial treatment after being Pecked by a chicken? There is a medical code for that and many other odd circumstances. 

Every time you visit a doctor, someone has to put in a code that relates to the reason why you are receiving medical treatment. The insurance companies use these codes to determine how to pay for your medical care.

Take a look at some of the crazy codes below.

(W59.22XA) Struck By Turtle: How does this happen, turtles are slow. Pay attention to the area around your ankles.

(V95.43XS) Spacecraft collision injuring occupant: At least they are planning for the future. Right now, this is only good for a small handful of people in the world.

(W220.2XD) Walked into lamppost: This one must be a sign of the times. Everyone is staring at their smart phones instead of looking where they are going.

(W61.33XA) Pecked by chicken: I guess it could be revenge for eating it's relatives.(R15.2) Fecal Urgency: This is no laughing matter.

(Y92.253) Opera house as the place of occurrence of the external cause: Are attendees poking their eyes with fancy binoculars?

(W55.41XA) Bitten by pig: Pigs will eat anything... stay clear. 

(Y93.D1) Accident While Knitting or Crocheting: This competitive sport may require protective gear. 

(V97.33XD) Sucked into jet engine: Note, don't hang out in front of jet engines. 

(W61.62XD) Struck by duck: If a herd of wild ducks starts to rush you, just throw the bag of bread in the air and run!

(Y92.250) Art gallery as the place of occurrence of the external cause: Falling painting, statue? Steer clear of art galleries.

(W61.12XA) Struck by macaw: How often does this happen?

(Z63.1) Problems in relationship with in-laws: What does this even mean?

(V91.07XA) Burn due to water-skis on fire: How is this even possible? How many people has this happened to?

Photo by NEC Corporation of America