Ragnar Trail Zion 2017 #JustTryingNotToDie

HOOKED on Ragnar Trail Zion!! Our team "Just Tryin Not To Die"  lived up to the name.  Even though we may have been the last team in... no one died.  

I had some personal goals... did the red loop (7.9 miles) first (middle of the day) in an hour and 50 minutes.  Calves seized up.  Limped over finish line.  But legs held up for the rest of the race.  Yellow loop (3.9 miles) at 11pm (with headlamp) in just over an hour.  The green loop midday, Saturday, (3.1 miles)... in about 45 min.  

The vibe is insane!  Way supportive!  That's what kept everyone going, was supporting one another! 

Stacy, Chelsey, Bri, Christa, Gorge, Jordan, Lisa... and me.   Awesome team!!!!  

Sign me up for next year! 🏃🏽

#TellSoneoneTheyreDoingAGreatJob #RagnarTrailZion #Ragnar #JustTryinNotToDie