Bank Worker Threatens To Call Cops On Woman Wearing A Hijab (Video)

From the video description posted by Jamela Mohamed 

“I went into Sound Credit Union in Kent, Wa to pay my bill as normal. The video above will show the discrimination that I faced today. I am a black Muslim woman and was observing Jummah, so I had my hood on. The teller asks me to “take off my hood”. In order to adhere to their policy, I ran outside to get my hijab. When I came back, two men before me were served with no issues, but both were wearing hats. Then I confronted the teller and he told me “it should be no issue, let me get my supervisor for permission,”. Instead of seeking a resolution, she chose to do this…watch the video.

I never want this to happen to anybody and NOBODY should ever be treated this way. Thank you.”

What do you think about this?