Truths about having a sibling who is 10 years younger than you

If you have siblings that are younger, especially if they are at least 10 years younger than you all of these facts really hit home! Check out the original article by clicking here

1. Growing up you turned into what your parents loved to call the "free babysitter."

2. People give you weird looks, thinking you're the mother.

3. They get away with more stuff than you did as a kid.

4. Sometimes you slip and act like the mother.

5. During Christmas you're up at the crack of dawn because they're so excited to see what Santa brought.

6. You still fight and mess with each other.

7. You start to realize they're not a baby anymore and they know how to do pretty much everything at this point (including knowing the password to your phone and playing on it).

8. You start to see all the wonderful qualities they got from you.

9. Then you start to see, not only is he good at what you're good at, but he also excels at things you suck at.

10. You always have a little buddy to hang out with and duet with in the car.

11. They FaceTime you at college telling you about their day in elementary school.

12. You're not ashamed an 8-year-old is one of your best friends.

13. You've done the math several times in your head about how old you'll be when he graduates from high school (almost 30). I don't want to talk about it.

14. Your friends even think he's cool, and he is basically friends with all of them.

15. You wouldn't trade them for anything and know how much of blessing they are in your life.