TEXT TOPIC: Why are you keeping your parents away from your kids?

refuse kids have a relationship with my mother. She lives for drama and is a very negative person. When I cut tired with her it feels amazing

my mother is s narcissist. Says nasty things about my childrens father to them. I keep my children away from my mother for everyone's well being.

mom hasn't seen my daughter since she was two years old, alcohol mental illness, not healthy for my child

my parents taught my children To lie and hide things from us

We don't let my husband's mom around our 4 yr old. She's a drug addict,liar,thief,and master manipulator

my mother in law won't ever be alone with our kids because she bad mouths my husband to anyone that will listen

my MIL has yelled at my husband so much, to the point of terrifying my 3 year old. We only see her now on holidays. My MIL try's to buy her way back

M-I-L is a compulsive liar and thief. I told her if she doesn't get her crap straight she'll never see her grandchildren

Recently cut my father out of my kids lives while he enables his toxic and alcoholic girlfriend.

mom is untreated bipolar and a manipulater and refuses to let me parent my own kids.

My parents are addicts so IF they even ask to see the kids, they can't see them without me or my husband present.

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