TEXT TOPIC: Group Therapy-How do you get rid of a stalker?

recently learned in my own situation you need a no contact order also restraining only covers violence

send him a message. Cops won't put you in jail for beating someone up. They have such a limit on space in jail. Soo yeah

I missed the details but she can get a stalking injunction. Each person he has contacted

she should contact his parents maybe they can get him mental help

needs to make a police report. Stalking requires two or more instances of unwanted contact

unfortunately this family needs to take gun classes so that they can carry and protect themselves

everyone needs to keep copies of the texts emails phone logs

had a restraining order against someone. The best thing I ever did for myself Was my concealed weapon permit. I learned how to shoot and protect myself

My friends experiencing similar situations kept record of everything and brought it to the stalker's parents. Maybe his parents can help.

post pictures of him and flyers warning other people to avoid him and let them know the things he does

move like 4 times with no notice in a year, lose your friends and everyone you know, change your schedule, & your whole life. That's what I did.

stun gun and restraining order

have the girl learn jiu-jitsu as well. Great for self defense.

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