TEXT TOPIC: Who is the KILLER in your family?

my dad had "hunting accident" 32 yr ago now admits he meant to do it

my brother-in-law beat a guy to death with just his fists. This poor man had a hard upbringing and his own father had him mixing drugs with him. They got into a fight with someone trying to mug them for their drugs and he beat him to death on accident. Did 8 yrs prison

cousin, killed his GFs toddler. He is in prison

cousin on trial for killing baby right now. Hope she goes to prison cuz the evidence is pretty clear

my cousins ex took a 17-year-old girl up into the mountains in bountiful and "committed suicide with her" she died and he didn't

my husbands uncle has been on death row twice for two different murders was released from prison

My step dad killed my mom and left her in the back yard then went inside and went to bed, the neighbors found her

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