TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD :)

something good. Wife caught her first bass on a new rod, and a huge brown trout.

nursing school finals are over! Yay! And tomorrow I get to find out when my son's cancer removal surgery is

was out of the country for 12 days and finally back today to listen to Frankie and Jess

great news for this 6th grade teacher...it's last week of testing, and only 3 weeks of school left! Bring on summer!

got engaged to my best friend! And We are closing on our first home on Thursday !

My something good is that after my dad was murdered in Atlanta 6 1/2 years ago the police finally have a suspect

get my house back. Mother in law goes home, my mom went home yesterday. Week& half of moms.

I'm the first person in my family to graduate with a bachelors degree (mine is in nursing) & now I'm leaving for Hawaii this morning for my graduation trip

my good news is we got into contract on a house on Friday so we will only be a week in between selling and buying!

my mom and sisters and I are headed to Vegas this weekend to play!! Woo!

baby turned one last Tuesday, the party was Saturday

finally kicked out my druggie/violent cousin out of my grandparents house!!!

signing on our house this week.

our daughter has her ultrasound today to find out the gender of our 1st grandchild.

almost got in a huge accident last night on the 201 but somehow managed to avoid other cars and the wall. Everyone was safe. Miracle!

after 12 years my mom is finally moving to UT& opening her grooming shop here, close to us and her grandkids!!!