The Internet Isn't A Fan Of This Motorcycle Rider For Yelling At An Elderly Woman (Video)

An elderly woman was making a left-hand turn after traffic had left an opening for her. As she started to turn she stopped before proceeding into the next lane as the motorcycle rider came riding up. He slammed on his brakes and stalled his motorcycle.

He decided it would be best to turn around and speed through the streets to catch back up to her so he could yell at her.

From the video description

“Just cruising along until this old lady almost turns right in front of me.... I locked up my brakes and stalled out of anger haha thought I'd chase her down and make sure she pays better attention next time.”

The key word in the description above is “almost.” The woman seems to stop in time to avoid an accident from happening.

He thinks she almost killed him, what do you think?

WARNING: Contains strong language