TEXT TOPIC: Who's the mooch in your life?

my 40yr brother is the mooch. Always asking to buy him dinner even if he isn't around. Tomorrow never comes to get paid back

It's me. But only with my MIL. I don't like to get together, but if there's lunch and she's buying..? I'm in!!

my brothers are moochers. 30 years old and they still live with my parents. Never paid rent or a utility bill in their lives!!

the husband doesn't want to work but want nice stuff

my cousin is the moocher, 36 and blames everyone for his problems.

My co worker would always want us to bring him back lunch instead of going with us so he could work through lunch and get overtime.

bought tickets for a concert and my date didn't bring any money. Wanted me to buy him food and drinks

My bro! Grandparents give him a 3-bed home, buy all his food, pay utilities & phone, bought him many cars. hasn't worked in 6 yrs, nothing wrong with him!

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