TEXT TOPIC: Do you have old BEEF with someone? Does someone have old BEEF with you?

a wife of a friend from high school hates me because I said the word "lesbian" in front of her. This was 2002.

my boyfriend's older brother has beef with us. It's been going on for about 8 months. Annoying thing about it is we have no idea why he has beef.

My ex sister in law has not talked to me in over 1 year. She made up lies about me and tried to spread to the family

didn’t invite 1 of oldest friend 2 wedding she’s all drama & so now beef stew

hubby's aunt brought ppl who were explicitly not invited to our ceremony then tried to get us to fight about it at our reception 7yrs ago.

my sons step mom hates me for dating my ex 7 years ago. She will not let it ago.. not to mention, him and I have a child together

FORMER friend called to see if I was dating (during my divorce) with my ex listening in.

really good friend from work decided one day to talk badly about me and make up a rumor about my fianc & another coworker sleeping together

my "best friend" doesn't hardly talk to me anymore because my mom bought a dress she had and because our weddings were a month apart

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