Dramatic Rescue Of Drowning Infant and 2-Year-Old Trapped In A Vehicle In Texas Flood Waters (Video)

This is hard to watch but also shows how people can come together to help when needed.

From the video description:

When good samaritans arrived, an infant and a 2-year old were nearly dead. These strangers saved their lives yesterday, near Myrtle Springs, TX.

Phillip Ocheltree is the father of the children and said “Life comes at you in a blink of an eye. Last night leaving our home trying to get away from what was yet to come we hydroplaned off the highway,” his Facebook post read. “I can't thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children your a blessing thank you all so much.”

Warning: Contains content that may be unsuitable for some.

Father Phillip Ocheltree also had this update:

One facebook commenter gave an update:

Kacie Clayton Reed The smallest baby is doing great. He s coming home tomorrow with me. The 18 month old is stable but keep her in your thoughts Please!Kory Prox helped with the rescue and posted this in the comments:Korry Prox Thank God I could be apart of this . May God be with the family and thanks for everyone who was around with me who helped.