TEXT TOPIC: When were you the last to know?

I was the last to find out my husband was having a baby with his side chick. Thanks FB

I was the last to know that my ex hubby was sleeping why my bestie/ roommate. She was on my phone plan and I blocked his number.

Youngest sib. Always been babied. Last to know EVERYTHING. Dad's cancer moms illness They say "don't want you to worry" ok I'm 30 yrs old

my gma was hospitalized. I didn't find out for a few weeks. I'm out of state and off social media. "It was on fb" Pick up the phone!

Found out on Facebook that my nephew was born. Sister-in-law posted it for her Facebook friends to see before she bothered to call her brother and tell us.

text my mom asking her a cooking question and she responds with an answer and also saying did you know your dad had surgery on his elbow last week. Wtf!

was the last to know my sister was getting married, the day she was getting married! I hadn't even met the guy. My sister and I are close too, I thought

dad has skin cancer. Got it removed from ear and face. Found out months later when I asked about a scar. I was livid

found out my great-gpa had died from FB. My mom thought she could wait until she got off work.. nope too late

I was last to know my great aunt passed away this year. Always used to go to her house when I was younger and play!

wasn't told Grandma was moved from rehab to ICU, went to visit & thought she had died and no one told us. Thankfully she was at the hospital..

parents took us on "vacay" to Tonga in middle school and didn't tell me we actually moved there

Last to know they were changing the class I was teaching two months into the year. Found out at a faculty meeting.

found out my brother was engaged on Facebook. He arranged for their friends to be there to watch him propose, and I found out on social media.

was the last to find out that my dad had a heart attack. I'm his only child. I was pissed!!!

my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's and no one bothered to tell me. I am the oldest!

found out my dad had married when his wife changed her last name in Facebook

Last to know my cousin was shot, found out from my employer

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