Virtual Kidnapping Calls Are Happening In Utah And They're Terrifying (Share)

Jim Weber answered one of the scariest calls he had ever received. He heard a young girl crying then say “Dad, I’m scared.”  A male voice then came on telling him that they had his daughter. Jim was able to get a quick message to his co-workers to contact his wife who then contacted the school his daughter attended. They were able to verify that their daughter was in school at the time of the call. That’s when they realized, the call was a scam trying to extort money.

Jim and his wife were able to record a second call that came in later using the same scam.


Phone call transcript:

Alleged kidnapped child: “Dad I’m scared.”

Father: "You’re scared?"

Scammer: “Tell her to stop crying, give me the phone. Hello, Jeff? “I just kidnapped your daughter, you already heard her, are you going to help her out, yes or no?”

Father: “Sure.”

Scammer: “You want to help her? I don’t want you doing nothing. Don’t call the police or tell anybody else about what’s going on, all right? If I hear you tell somebody, I’m going to hang up on you and you’re never going to hear from her again.”

“It's the most terrifying thing that a parent can go through to think that someone has your child and you don't know where they are,” said LeeAnn Weber. “You feel helpless.”


Preview photo: Flickr - Hometown Beauty


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