TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Therapists and counselors

We get annoyed with clients sometimes too. Personality disorders can be very obnoxious

I do business with several therapists and it's interesting to know that most have their own therapists to help process the awful things they hear

therapist at drug and alcohol rehab. All the therapists and counselors play grab ass behind closed doors and a lot of them hook up. Lots of turnover

I am a mental health/substance abuse therapist. When a client is boring, I am thinking of everything else like grocery lists or what I need to get do

There's a therapist in my office that gets their "payment" in others ways than money. Lets just say he has a lot of women clients

a lot of therapists get intimate with clients more than you would even think. A huge lack of boundaries with therapists

we nap on the couch if we have a cancellation

we wonder if we did something wrong if a client abruptly stops treatment

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