TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! :) 4/24

got my voice back after not having it for over three weeks due to allergies. I feel like Carol Brady on Easter morning.

something good, I'm only 22 and I qualified for a $150,000 home loan on my own! I can't wait to be a home owner!

Something good. I was at the Jazz game last night and they came back and won. Yay!!!!!!

After 6yrs of financially struggling, not being able 2 financially meet goals 4 my family and I have finally started 2 get ahead even bought my 1st truck

my six month old daughter's second tooth finally popped through. Now she's happy again

last day of college! I graduate friday! :)

been spending time with my marine before he gets deployed we have had so much fun

had a really hard Hazmat test this weekend and I passed it. What a stress relief.

going on vacation next week to Disneyland

after 6 years of working full time, kids and school I've just finished my bachelors degree!


finally an adoption date has been set for June 7!!

today our sister company joins us in our beautiful new building, and my husband works for this company, now we get to carpool and save on gas!

Something good is I'm leaving for California tomorrow for a week to see my friend for the first time in over a year!

won $1300 in wendover!! And to think I didn't even want to go.

A Bewitched FB page with over 6,400 fans chose my book as their 1st book of the day spotlight:) this week is 5 years since its release! ~DP

something good: my daughter and her best friend made the Alta drill team!

Got to meet and smoke with Snoop Dogg this weekend and I got to go on stage

My six month old slept through the night for the first time since we put him in his own room!

My husband and I are moving into our new home Saturday! Four sleeps and five wake ups!

we have paid off over 30,000 worth of debt and are finally building a house!

heading to Disneyland on Friday for a sisters weekend! Can't wait!

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