TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a bad weekend like Kylie?

Found out I was pregnant, wasn't trying, my husband is so excited I am not

left my 11 yr old at a park on accident & didn't realize for almost an hr! Cops were called. Feel so bad!

worst weekend ever when construction on the point of the mountain was happening. Got pulled over for speeding.. ended up being $1000 ticket

My husband sprained his ankle trying to kick an emoji pillow at me trying to use a Pel move. He's hobbling around now

Phone broke, kids are sick, tooth broke, tore elbow tendon

16 yr old dog disappeared. I'm 99% sure she left to die and I still haven't found her to bury her. Cried all weekend.

found out my husband didn't have one but two girlfriends.

card merchant held over $7,000, allergies so bad felt like I had the flu

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