TEXT TOPIC: Did you catch one of your parents doing something?

we have caught my dad doing everything. Drinking, using drugs, looking at porn, sending dirty pictures to other women. He NASTY!!

used to catch my dad smoking all the time, my mom didn't know. Threw his pack away once & I got blamed 4 smoking it, I was 9 lol

caught my dad putting vodka in his coffee. He was supposed to be a recovered alcoholic. I didn't tell anyone.

was in high school, I found out my dad was having an affair with another woman. She called the house one time, and asked for my dad. I never told

found out my dad was cheating with my moms best friend. I couldn't bring myself to say anything, so I didn't. My mom ended up finding for herself

mom is a compulsive gambler. She was supposed to have stopped. Couldn't reach her one day. Went to her spot and found her gambling. Never told dad.

my parents very Mormon growing up, found my Dads HUGE stash of porn magazines. Never told my Mom. #awkward

Discovered my dad was having an affair I found multiple clues and finally confronted him and told him needed to tell my mom.

sis caught mom sexting some guy, we didn't tell my dad for a really long time- yrs. Turns out she'd been fooling around w/a lot of other people for yrs.

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