TEXT TOPIC: Would you rat out a family member?

my dad had to turned in his younger brother to the authorities, he is a sicario (hit man) for a cartel in Mexico and my dad turned him

turned my uncle in for dealing meth. Caught him confessing on video by secretly recording him. He's a dangerous person. He just got out of prison for it.

Called in my sisters baby daddy for being at her house and being a fugitive. He has outstanding warrants

I did! My cousin was in our LDS grandparents house smoking pot and partying while they were out of the country! I called and he was arrested. #NoRespect

back before the laws surrounding fireworks had changed, my flipping sister turned me into the Cops for lighting off fireworks two days before 4th of July

I turned on my best friend for food stamp fraud. She now has to pay about $20,000 back for intentional fraud.

my ex roomie was a long time friend. He pushed me last summer after I confronted him on stealing my stuff. I had to get a protective order on him

Turned my brother in. My credit cards were stolen and used, cops found surveillance I came in and identified that it was my freaking brother

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