TEXT TOPIC: Did you do something big but didn't receive the credit?

Owner didn't mention my shop managers name while thanking all the shop managers during our xmas prty at our shop! Accident we thought. Again this year!

This happens to me all the time. My boss puts me on projects and the head boss thanks her and I get no credit for all the work. There getting promoted

My hubby and I bought TSO tickets for my dad for Xmas. My siblings got the credit even though they had nothing to do with it, I got nothing.

Did a presentation everyone liked. A few months later part of my PowerPoint showed up in my boss' presentation. Nothing changed no mention of my name.

My salon does a Christmas Party each year. This past Christmas I decorated the salon for the party. I spent a lot of time making it perfect and then nothing

Me and a really good coworker worked on all tax forms for several clients and the bosses gave employee of the month to another lady with the example

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