TEXT TOPIC: Who's person in the family you don't trust?

don't trust my cousin, he is on meth and has done some pretty shameful things to the family

My mother. She is a bully. I grew up being completely terrified of her until my mid 20's when I finally realized I didn't have to let her control me

my aunt. She told my g-ma we were out to get her to isolate her, then stole over $300k of my g-ma's money.

I've got 2 brothers in law on my wife's side that i don't trust as far as i could throw them. They are shifty and they take what they want when they want

don't trust my brothers 6 yr old son, he went into his teachers purse that was hidden in her desk and stole her debit card

don't trust my sister in law. She took my husbands SSN and ruined his credit.

great aunt, stole from g-gma for 30 yrs, whole family has turned their backs on her

i dont trust my older brother because of abuse as a young child. Nobody else in the family knows but i keep a close eye on him.

my dad he can't tell the truth needs mental health help He thinks he he can do whatever he wants we haven't spoken in 4 yrs

don't trust my older sister, if I tell her anything the whole family knows within minutes. Also makes up stories

My sister! Anything that is said to her is taken out of context and repeated! i.e. it's weird to see Mom w/ a new bf turns into "Ms X" hates your bf mom...

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