TEXT TOPIC: What mortifying thing happened to you?

In the b-room, employee with a pixie-cut in there too. My 4 yr old exclaimed "why is a boy in the girls bathroom". I prayed they did not spit in my meal.

went to the bathroom at Lagoon, came out and thought my gf was standing there waiting for me. Slapped this womans behind, ya not my gf. I wanted to die.

my coworker was talking to my managers and she just farted out loud. She did the same thing when we was playing volleyball

Was sending a progress pic to my coach (sports bra/undies)...went to my sis-in-laws friend instead. Why do I have 4 people with the same name in my phone!

At an ice cream shop a guy ordered a sundae with nuts on it. Trying to be helpful I said, "Sir it'll be a minute while she grabs your nuts."

I was at the grocery store with my son. He saw a man with a flag on his shirt. My son pointed and was saying flag. Well it came out sounding like fag

Playin in HS BBall game had to run off the court in the middle of game to go potty holding my butt cuz i had an accident. Everyone knew and laughed.

fishing at a crowded pond 3 yr old says he needs 2 go potty tell him hold on a min. Daughter starts screaming look over he's peeing in the pond bare butt

had2 kids preg with number 3 outon the tramp I had to pee went in the gravel really quick there was a phone guy on the pole above me

Guy was installing new 21-inch computer moniters at work. I commented how much my husband would like a 21-incher! So embarassed!

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