TEXT TOPIC: Do you avoid the "stop and chat person" at work?

I'm totally a stop & chatter I didn't realize that was a thing until now! Ahhh!

our receptionist talks and talks. You can't get anywhere without passing her

have a co worker who talks forever, so much we came up with a code word for the person listening to tell someone walking by and they later come back

I am the chatty one but I can keep it short

Chatty coworkers caught me on my way into the bathroom, continued to follow me in and talk to me while my bladder-shy self tried to pee.

we have a coworker that is so bad that people need to be rescued. We usually call the office from our cell phone & tell the receptionist to page the person

Had to change my gym schedule because a dude always would come over and start a conversation in the middle of my sets.

Whenever I see the crazy cat lady from accounting coming my way I duck into the bathroom, closet, elevator - wherever is near to avoid awkwardly talking to her

Nicest lady at my work does this. She followed me to the bathroom and stood by the sink just talking.

my coworker posts her life on social media and then gets mad when you don't want to sit and chat with her. It's like I have to pee and I already saw online

We had a janitor that I literally said hi and asked his name and he took my whole lunch hour telling me his life story!

My office has a back entrance and I often use that to avoid seeing the receptionist. If the day starts with her I'll never get anything done!

That person just walked in my room. I pretended to be on my phone as I walked past him

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