The Internet Is Outraged With Family Over This Prank Video

Many are calling this emotional and mental abuse of a child. This seems to be a running theme with this Youtube channel. Be sure to watch the response from the family below as well.

What do you think?

WARNING: Contains Strong Language

Here is the response from the family to "ALL THE HATERS"

What others are saying about this video:


This family lives in Damascus, MD. Here is a link to Montgomery County HHS. PLEASE flood them with reports. These children need to be saved from this emotional abuse!


See I didn’t see the problem with this. Up until they started screaming like mainacs. Wtf


Foul mouthed abusive parents.


Abusive parents!!!


This is child abuse no matter how you see it!!! There’s No lessons to be learnt here by these children. There mom n dad need a LESSON in how to treat their children. This is out of order and boarders on bullying and intimidation. Hope there REPORTED to welfare etc. and how anyone finds this even remotely funny is an idiot


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