TEXT TOPIC: What is your irrational fear?

I'm afraid of stairs but I make myself use them because they are unavailable

my fear of spiders is also crippling. It effects my EVERYDAY. As soon as I walk into rooms I scan the corners, walls, floors, chairs before I sit, check everywhere

I have anxiety so I have many, but one is of spiders hiding in the toilet paper roll. It has happened before, so I have my husband check now.

A long time ago I was driving in Yellowstone and hit a deer ever since then I have a really hard time driving on the freeway

escalators are my worst fear! Vegas was literally my worst nightmare. They're everywhere!!!

Watched "It" at 4 years old and ever since I've had an irrational fear of storm drains and sewers

terrified of balloons popping. When I see balloons I get anxious and I start imagining the popping noise and I start freaking out

Cannot go to the circus with my kids. Or parades. I hate clowns!

fear driving on the freeway. I'm 36 yrs old and only have drove on the freeway 2x and once was for drivers ed. Will not do it!

After watching the exorcism of Emily rose, It Freaks me out to see 315 am on my alarm clock. I now wake up at 320

knocked out my 4 front teeth when l was younger. I have a beautiful bridge but I dream and fear every day that it breaks off and l have no teeth.

That kids will fall in porta potty. Can't breath, chest tight, sick to stomach til they are out. Fairs, festivals are torture

stepped in dog poop bare foot as a child now I can't walk on any grass especially at night won't happen, the thought of dogs and grass make me gag!

have a fear of not being able to make it to the bathroom. It keeps me from going out and I always have a change of pants with me.

Hotel windows can crack open maybe 5 inches and I have this horrible fear you can somehow slipped through and fall out the window

get high anxiety when I'm alone in a public bathroom w/stalls. I think someone will slash my ankles with a knife when I flush the toilet

rushout of the elevator bc I think its goin2 drop as I get out and cutoff 1leg

fear of mice so bad, check my bed and pillow every night. Haven't had one in the house before, scared 1st time I do it'll be in my bed waiting for me

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