TEXT TOPIC: How much do you owe the IRS or how much are you getting back?

got a refund this year, $4,500 awesome possum

this year I got around 4k back.

Owe $10,568 Federal and $58 State. It's the hardest check I write every year. Boooooo

$301 State $1323 Federal. Claim 0 on your W4 and your guaranteed to always get a refund.

getting $909 back

getting back $8,600

owe for the very first time in my life and its $2,546

My sister got back about $8000 in feb. It's all gone. She's struggling to pay rent now. Her rent is $650!!!!

1700 smackers owed....waiting till the very last second to hand over my money. Ugh

owe 9000 freaking dollars.

my husband paid a lady 4 years in a row to do his taxes. (Pre marriage)Turns out she never actually filed. He owed 13k. After 3 years of no returns

owe $8,000 :(

we owe $1000. I hate oweing!

owe state $19, but getting $3200 back from federal! Wahoo!!

We are getting just over 6,000 for taxes. Will be out of debt by next month!

taxes owed.... $4200. I'm self employed this is federal and st

purposely don't claim anything so that I pay too much and then get a bigger return. Every year it helps me save up. 11,400 this year.

We are getting back $3800! = woot woot

11k return this year

we owe $4200 and we haven't owed for years. I still have the envelope in my hand.

owe 4000 to fed and 200 to state

got 4 G's back

started a small business this past year ended up owing 25k to federal and 4K to state

got $6k from federal and $1k from state.

We got $200 back from state and paid $600 to federal

got that little over 9 Grand. The only perk of being a single mom who is dirt poor

got money back the first time, 1000+. Bought a new couch

got 5,600 back. Having kids pays off! They're finally worth something! Hahahah!!!

6500$ back.... Feds keeping 1/2.... finally outta the hole though! Effers!

we got back 11k in federal and 300 in state. Not even close to what we paid in though.

owe to both for the 1st time and over it! Its about $4500 need

Got around $3000

owed $75 to state and owe $1100 to federal. Trying to win the $1000 to pay it off!

wife and i got 7,500 back, in February.

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