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IRS never calls Tax Payers people. We send letters first

IRS has a tolerance of less than $299. If your tax liability is less than that, they won't collect

IRS is always two years behind of the current tax year. Make sure to keep those receipts.

but IRS doesn't count it late until after 4/28

none of us really KNOW our job.. we rely on manuals to tell us what's next

as an IRS employee I am not exempt from filing and paying taxes. Just the opposite if I don't pay/file on time we get fired.

I work for the irs in Ogden and if people complete fill out their form wrong or alot of alters. I'll throw it away. Sorry but learn how to fill it out right

I've been @ IRS for 12 years. They don't care about their employees at all, miserable horrendous place to be.

I'd* remove penalties for any excuse. Especially honest negligence.

in the Ogden chapter of the IRS union, everyone is having an affair--Affairs throughout IRS are super common. I personally know a supervisor sleeping w his employee

IRS sends you a letter and it says 30 days to respond, you actually get 45 days. Figure in mailing time

if you are under an audit, if you need you can ask for an extension of time, so on top of that 30 days, you could get another 30 days

IRS doesn't write the tax code, it's congress. Be kind, we are just the enforcers.

IRS really does make calls, mostly to employers to verify wages but we do make calls

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