TEXT TOPIC: Who is the millionaire in your family?

my wife's uncle was the CFO of overstock.com and became very wealthy. Now he owns 6 of his own businesses and the last I heard he was worth 90 mill

I'm actually the millionaire. But nobody in my family knows. I made some real estate decisions that made me the money

I have an uncle that is a millionare

my step dad is the millionaire. He sold an oil and gas pressure testing company to a bigger 1 u'd never know it though. Humble man.

Cousin that lost my money while paying himself...worth maybe 20 mil

my grandma! She has over 10 mill. She's inherited most of it. But my grandpa owned his own business and was great at investing so he added even more

my uncle is worth a between 5 n 10 mil. He's retired and made his fortune through military contracts and political ties

My sister and her husband own multiple businesses. They recently just bought the "Draper Castle".

My uncle is worth about ten million dollars and nobody knows where the money came from and he doesn't ever talk about it

my uncle is a millionaire don't know how much he's worth. You would never know he was one of you met him or saw him on the street. Nicest guy out there

I'm the millionaire in the family I got my money from investments plus my job I share money with my mom who struggles plus have a trust fund for my son

my husbands family has more than one millionaire. I don't know actual numbers but I've seen the big numbers they donate

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