TEXT TOPIC: What expensive thing did you break within the first 24 hours?

hit a deer less than 24 hours after buying new truck

bought my first smartphone at 19 with my own money. Dropped it, cracked screen, broken front facing camera

My brotherinlaw bought an expensive stereo, in the 90s. Was carrying it downstairs to set it up, fell and destroyed it

brand new wireless beats for my son the next day I pulled them out of the dryer! Yup washed and dried them!

hit my engagement ring on a door knob at Old Navy changing rooms

Bought a brand new polaris RZR got it home and drove it around the neighborhood less than 30 min engine blew.

got new Samsung Galaxy 5, next day I was outside and a bug flew on my leg, I jumped up and phone bounced down concrete steps. Screen shattered.

got a $5K mountain bike. Next day took it out,it tipped over on a rock and chipped huge chunks out of the paint.

im a student so buying $200 boots was a splurge the next day I dropped nail polish on tile and the polish splattered all over my boots. I cried

gave toddler iPad for Christmas...cracked screen next day

Brand new iPhone 6. Walking out of Verizon with it, dropped it in the parking! Shattered screen less than 2 minutes old!

bought a brand new ducati 848 chick texting and driving clipped me I wrecked bike was demolished

my friend was driving his NEW Mazarati home from the dealership. Totaled on freeway, on 31 miles

dogs chewed my brand new GoPro right after my engagement was recorded on it at pcmr.

my friend bought a brand new truck with cash, took it to my cousins and my uncle's drunk friend backed into it abs never paid for the damage

moved and got a brand-new mattress. came in the next day and found my giant dog had Peed all over it. I was pissed ( literally)

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