TEXT TOPIC: What are you torn about?

Im getting married in 3wks. We've decided to get pregnant right away. Im torn if that's the right decision.

Torn btwn staying in SLC to build my career with this company and going back to Idaho to be where my heart is happy & near my family.

I'm torn whether to get back with my ex-wife or not. We have four kids between us comma and I know we can make it work again.

I am torn between going or not going to my son's commitment ceremony. He has only know the girl 1 month

i'm torn between finding a new babysitter or cutting expenses and staying home

Torn between renting and buying. We can only afford to buy in Ogden and I don't want to live there! Help!

for years wanted a specific tattoo. It will Totally change my appearance/lifetime now can't decide!

My husband is finally finishing his associate degree and we are torn between UofU and Utah state university. We would have to move if he decided Utah state.

Torn between filing for divorce (my 2nd) or giving him another shot at not being a cheater-cheaterson

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