TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! 4/10/2017

After 5 years of owing on our taxes me and my wife are finally getting a very good refund

sold my condo in 3 hours for 5k over the asking price and am looking for a house!

My something good is you guys are back from break! I missed you all!

i'm closing on my house tomorrow!

will find out today if my frozen embryo transfer took from RCC! Hoping in praying it did so excited.

I get to go to law school today. It's nothing new. I've been going for 2 years, but I'm 42 yo and its the culmination of a dream.

My sister had her baby and I got to spend the whole week with them! I'm on a baby high right now.

we're refinancing our house and it appraised for $11k more than we needed!

going to Cancun in 2 weeks! I've lost 20lbs. Woot woot

I am going on a 9 day cruise to Haiti curaao Bonaire and Aruba

just won something on your station for the first time! Great way to start off the week!

finally getting the nerve to get out of a bad job where I have been treated badly.

Threw a successful surprise 70th bday party with 100 guests for my mom on Sat. She had no idea. ~DP

Jesus and I (Juan) finally got married!!

my kitchen will be finished this,week after a month of remodeling it

just got into nursing school and start July 10th

today I have been happily married for 7 years :)

My friend had triplets boys last week and they ALL got to go home with her when she left the hospital. No nicu time! Such a miracle!!

3day work week, 4th wedding anni this week and my baby giggles when Jess giggles on air

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