TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: What do you do and what do you make?

OCD clean freak! I'm 38 and run my own house cleaning business making $25/hr

I'm 35 Hairstyles Work 1 day a week make 30k a year. Love it

Special Education teacher with a masters degree and 10 years of experience 49K. I love my job but hate the hoops and pay

divorce attorney for upper class 32 years old and make $280 a year! I'm happily married but love my job!!

own a pest control company company does 260k, I make 80k=

Garbage man $20 hr

Crossing Guard 20 hrs a months 600 dollars a month 36 stay at home mom

haul hazmat and deliver propane and make a measly $35 k a year.

personal assistant aka personal "do the stuff nobody else wants to do" I make 30 bucks an hour

Pepsi Salesman $60k

physician assistant cardiology- base salary 120k + 60k moonlighting in urgent care, age 36

work at IRS examining taxes and I make 35,000

entry level Web programmer (no degree yet). 65k a year w/ benefits

My husband is a police officer and makes $40K a year

I am a full time stay at home mom. And I make $1000 a week on Etsy! It is possible!

garbage truck driver, made 62k last year

37 Lab Manager 90000

dog groomer. 31. $115k/yr.

administrator of nursing home, 32 yr old female 85 k

work with shopko 27 50,000

32, male, career firefighter, $42,000

I'm 26 live in Utah County. I'm an assistant and make $45k with benefits. I do not have a college degree.

26 years old, I'm a dietitian and make just under 50k a year.

27, medical sales, 100,000 k . Provo

35 I am a nail technician and I make $78,000 a year

29, district manager of 6 stores, $56k

29, account management for a technology company 52k

25 in SLC Utah. I'm a Business Analyst for a government contractor and make 75k a year.

28 years old app designer $500,000

27 years old, retail manager, a little over $32,000

Enrollment Counselor at a University $33,000 age 32

I'm 37, sell medical devices. @120K

30 yo woman, $40k, graphic designer I've worked up to this amount. This is my third job as a designer.

I am 32 Jail booking clerk I make 40G.

54 meter reader 54000.

salesman of heavy equipment. 133k and I am 38

23 work as a structural drafter make about 40,000 a year

27 year old Assistant, I make $37,500 a year working 35 hours a week.

55 yrs old, custodian from wejo work at usps make $57,453

chief marketing officer. $200,000

34yr old local truck driver..65k a yr

I'm 37 I'm a Local Sales rep and Technician for A Lighting controls system. I can make from $65K to $90K a year.

I'm 23 and make about 45k per year doing administrative work for trucking companies.

31 certified ophthalmic technician 34,500+bonuses per year, on the job training only

53 (female) Accounts Receivable in Salt Lake City, 80k plus loaded benefit package.

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