TEXT TOPIC: Who do you want to say thank you to?

want to thank my mom Tina Snow. She watches my three children for free saving my husband and I $2000 every month

two years ago in Clinton outside costa Vida my daughter had a seizure fell flat on the concrete for full force. I thought she was dead everybody came

They called my husband the comforter comforted my daughter who had the seizure and comforted my baby and I am forever grateful

THANK YOU to the entire staff in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Primary Children's. My daughter had open heart surgery at 8 days old. 4/14/15

I want to think the very first doctor I've ever worked for dr. Young. He guided me taught me and expected a lot from me

want to thank Robert and Emma,2016 my wife past away. I got deported to Mexico, And they took in my son while I became a resident. I'm in tears as I text.

want to thank Hollie at Bloomquist Hale Counseling she helped me finally grieve my brother I lost 20 years ago and get through major depression

want to thank Kayleigh. I don't remember her last name, she helped me to recover from a very hard loss of a loved one

want to thank Elise for always saving my butt at work. I don't know what I would do without her. She's the best!

Thank you to my boyfriend who has been so supportive with my depression and anxiety. He's so patient! Amazing man.

thanks to my old boss who Is now retired for stealing me from the barbershop to go work in sales with him. 10 years later sales is still my true love.

I want to thank my brother Travis Williams for helping me through a tough time in my life he took me in and supported me so thank you and I love you

have to give a big shout out to my wife Tiffany. She has saved my more times than I can count.

my mom. She's passed 6 months ago. She is the reason I am the mom and woman I am. She taught me what true strength really is.

I want to thank the band Shinedown. Their first album saved me from myself and ending it all.

wanna thank Carolyn King she literally saved my life when I was a drunk addict and cutting I wouldn't be alive without her support and getting me help.

I want to thank Bryant Henrie. Every time I'm in a hard place he gives me a different perspective and it is eye opening. So thankful for him!

I want to thank my mom she has taught everything to be the best mother for my children. She always gives me the best advice and is always there for Me

I'd like to thank a counselor I had when I was 15. I'm 43 and I've never forgotten what she did for me saved my life. Thank you Carol tibbs.

thank you House of representative Angela Romero for working hard to getting on Utahs all rape kits tested and ending the back log!

4 years ago I was close to kill my self, one morning I listened to your program and from that that day I see hope and happiness on my life I love u guys

Want to thank you for making my mornings fly by :)

thanks to Marco DeMonja and David Yates for being incredible teachers who changed my life. I'm a more educated citizen.

I'd like to Thank my boss Desi and Lori and Shawn. Thank you for your kindness and the opportunity you have given me.

I wanted 2 publicly thank the hospice nurses who took care of my dad b4 he passed away. I never got a chance to say thku.

Thank you to my 1st grade teacher,recognized signs of abuse. Am now a teacher bc of her

Thanking my high school teach Mrs. Waller for believing in me when most ppl didn’t

thanks to my ex hubby James, for making coparenting fabulous.

professor vigil at WSU. he pushes us to the limit and expects a lot from us. Then when we achieve it he praises us for doing what we thought we could

I want to thank Paul, the new guy in my life for being my best friend, helping with my kids and pushing me to keep going.

Thank you to my wife my sweetheart Stephanie Davis. I don't know where I would be without you! I love you!

I want 2 thank my x-bf for helping for so many yrs w/my depression. Not sure if she know how many times she saved my from suicide

Thank you to David Archuleta who wrote "Glorious" I accidentally hit his music video on YouTube, when I was close to ending my life.

Would like to thank the Unified Fire paramedics that saved my life after a pain med overdose. Really wish I knew their names!

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