TEXT TOPIC: Were you having an important convo and you got tuned out?

my boss does this during our 1on1's all the time. She is constantly texting, communicating via our work chat with other employees. Bleh

my daughter had lump removed when drs were telling us what it was hubbs wasn't listening whole time had his face in his phone

hadn't seen friend in years, texted her husband the ENTIRE time. Yeah good 2 see u 2

Tried zoning back into my client's story and said "Uh huh" to make it sound like I was listening. She then said "You didn't even hear what I said, did you?"

I have told my mom 3x that I left LDS church. she didn't 'listen' so when my hubby and I did things contrary to the church she was very surprised

presentation. Boss clearly out. told him cost of solution was $100 and candy bar per day per employee. He said, sounds great.

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