TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Teachers, what did your students say that floored you?

my wife is a teacher and one of her students proudly announced "my dad likes to put his hands in his pants"!! Oh boy!!

An assignment for "getting to know you" had a little girls saying her dads name was sperm bank but he doesn't live with me. I almost fell over.

had a student that his mother would steal his money and use it to buy drugs

was told by a student that they don't have a bed and sleep on the floor. Plus, they don't get dinner each night. Totally not true

had a student tell me that "Daddy and Mommy like to wrestle before bed"


during show and tell a preschooler said she brought her moms favorite toy. She pulls it out and says it can also shake...

I teach kindergarten. One day, a girl came up to me and asked me why I drink water everyday. Told her I liked it. She replies with oh! My dad LOVES beer! He drinks it every night

Preschool talking about things at home that start with the letter V. When child said my mommy has a vibrator!

little girl "my mom gives out drugs, I'm pretty sure she's called a drug dealer " (she's a pharmacist )

One of my second grade students once told me her mom had a lot of boyfriends always coming through the house

me: what're you doing? Kid: my dad told me it's okay to measure my penis

5 yr old said (after seeing sibling born), I know how babies get born. Moms just POOP 'em out!

My mom told her teacher that her dad sacred her but they investigated and all it was was that he jumps from behind the couch. The police came too

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