TEXT TOPIC: What are some perks of your job?

At my job we get 2 free season passes to Lagoon. And we get 8 weeks PTO after you've been there for a year

get catered lunch, school paid for, free MacBook & 1800 bucks to use a year on our site. Company - "Thumbtack" (we are hiring so...)

work at a gym so I get a free membership

work for LHM. Free Jazz tickets, free SL Bees tickets, dealer cost on new and used cars.

candy broker... I get all the candy I want.

but my husband's work does 6 rounds of IVF and adoption assistance.

the bar that I tend bar at gives the employees free drinks when they are not working.

my bro HAS to go to Cabo San Lucas every other month to test out new flyfishing equipment.

we get the Gold Passes to be able to ski all the Utah ski resorts

we have a in house salon. Massage, nails, hair, wax.Fully stocked w/ product @ discounted pricing

my work give us suite tickets to rsl and bees gams as well as lower bowl tickets for the jazz games free entry to Ragnar and redrock relays

Got a new Tacoma, gas paid for, play golf on the company dime and because of a big client I get to travel around the world

free gym, executive chef in our own kitchen. Free therapy

work for a plastic surgeon and only have to pay 10% for any cosmetic surgery!

We get unlimited pto, 4 months paid maternity leave

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